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Welcome to Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club!

  • Our passion is our Moulton Bicycles

  • We love outdoor life

  • We meet at least twice a year to share these passions

  • We discover magnificent landscapes, enjoy social gathering and love fine cuisine

  • We are a bilingual (german/french), international club: our members are from Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy

The Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club was founded in 2001 by Jean-Rodolphe Dellsperger, Guy Baumgartner and Dominique Baumgartner in the French speaking part of Switzerland. It was a great honour for us as Alex and Shaun Moulton attended our first Swiss Moulton Meeting in summer 2002 in Aigle, Switzerland.
Massimo Diana is the President of the club since 2004. Bernhard Sydler is the Secretary of the Club since 2016. The club has 20 members.
Twice a year we organise a two days Swiss Moulton Meeting. Each year we visit another region of Switzerland. We also attend the Tour de France Moulton near Paris organised by our French friends at the begin of October.

Jubilee Tour 2011
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